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Dedicated Professionals Edit and Place Your Novel

       There are no great writers, only great rewriters.

The Novel Editors specialize in successfully developing, editing, and market-positioning commercial genre and literary novels, concluding the process with query letter supervision and agent consultation. The primary goal for each novel we take on is simple: to get it published by a major house or distinguished press. The primary goal for the clients we take on is simple also: to remake and mentor them into better writers.

Our success and expertise in developing and editing the popular genres of mystery, crime, suspense and thriller, SF/F adult and YA, historical and narrative nonfiction of any type, as well as women's fiction in all sub-genres, is the result of many years in the publishing business (both commercial and literary presses) as well as authoring our own fiction, and editing fiction for others, not to mention leading workshops at the most successful writer event in the country, the New York Pitch Conference. Many of the writers who attend are mentored by us into successful commercial publication.

More about our credentials, as well as author testimonials, found here, an updated Google search here, and our New York Pitch contracts and success stories here.

What Makes Us Genuinely Different?

       In our case, two editors working in tandem equal your single best chance to become published.

What differentiates the TNE/MTM approach and faculty credentials from the many academic instructors, former authors, ex-publishing house editors, and others of various stripes who labor daily on hundreds if not thousands of novel and nonfiction manuscripts?

The answers as follows.

Our proven track record of over thirty years experience working on the publishing side of the business as well as on the literary agent side. As a result, we are successfully networked with many literary agents and publishers in New York, and on the west coast. We work with authors to produce books that are either published by major commercial publishers and/or signed by major agencies, and unlike most freelance novel editors out of New York, we are published authors of fiction, nonfiction, and short stories who have also written extensively, and in a professional capacity, on the subject of fiction writing technique and story craft.

Our "first line to final contract" services for any given project are more comprehensive and pragmatic than other novel editing outfits. A four-step editorial process (outline and details here) includes a preliminary story premise and plot review, a core manuscript development review, and a follow-up review of the manuscript rewrite. Why? Because there is rarely any such thing as one-shot manuscript editing that results in commercial publication. Follow-up reviews are mandatory, especially if we plan on moving successfully towards the fourth and final step: the querying process.

We only take on a small number of clients each month. We do not portion out our services like dim sum, and neither are we a manuscript editing factory dependent on large volume to stay in business.

Dedicated and careful editorial work on your project will be accomplished by not one, but two highly experienced editors working in tandem. In our case, two editors of our caliber working on your novel or non-fiction manuscript equal your single best chance to become published.

Finally, we have many years experience as successful workshop leaders at the New York Pitch Conference. This fact connects us to what the market is looking for in terms of high-concept stories and specific fictional elements (types of characters, settings, etc.).

Overall, this rare combination of aforementioned expertise enables us to provide you with a unique and productive approach to your work.

Very Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Whether or not you choose to utilize our services, ask yourself the following questions before you engage any novel editing service:
  • Do you get to review the credentials of the precise person who will be working on your ms?
  • Do the credentials include any real-time experience working in tandem with New York publishing or mid-sized publishers or quality independent presses?
  • Is there a demonstrable track record of commercial or literary publication of any kind associated with past clients of this particular person who will be editing your manuscript?
  • Is the proposed editor person an actual writer of fiction, narrative nonfiction or novels with a track record of any kind? (self-publishing not included)
  • Do the accolades or testimonials about the business appear to include a lot of buzz phrasing rather than pointers to actual contracts?

Editing Service Details

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