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First Line to Final Contract
    The problem with "one pass" editing is that the most important things are the problems we flag in the comments, and authors will need to heavily rewrite after reviewing our comments, and they will likely need more editing once they've finished...

          - Derek Murphy, CNN Consultant, Book editor
If you wish to engage our services, you must first fill out our application and submit it. Please look it over carefully and take the time you need to respond. Following submission we will get back to you, and if we approve of your application, we will schedule an interview over the phone. The cost of the interview with one of our professionals to discuss your novel and your goals as a writer is $200.00 for 30 minutes. If we decide to take you on as a client following the interview, the $200.00 will be applied to the full cost of the editorial process (see options below).

The dirty little secret in the novel editorial business is that in the vast majority of cases, especially with non-published writers, "one pass editing" will not get a manuscript published. More often, it creates enough edits and reveals enough problems to make the task seem insurmountable. As professionals, we've known that for years, and our experience taught us to devise an editorial method and program that has the best chance of working to meet a writer's goals, and our goals, for their manuscript.

As follows:
  • A preliminary foundational review of your novel or nonfiction based on a comprehensive synopsis, or outline, as well as samples of your prose narrative, especially your opening chapter. The goal is to address crucial major elements that must be added or edited prior to proceeding to the next level of review. For example, if you are writing a tightly plotted genre novel (thriller, SFF, mystery, historical, etc.) and your inciting incident or first major plot point is nonexistent or inappropriate, we flag the problem and assist you with the insertion of that plot element. If your major character needs to be more sympathetic, interesting, or unique in the opening pages, we flag that issue and work with you to remedy. In short, we do whatever it takes to properly prepare the manuscript for the next phase of the editorial process.

    Communications with your editor will take place by email and/or by phone as appropriate and necessary.

  • Once the above is completed (an average of three months in prep), and manuscript edited, the next review consists of a thorough read of this new manuscript by a second editor followed by developmental and editorial notes marked onto the manuscript itself, as well as in a separate written review organized by major categories: opening hook, plot line(s), premise, character arcs, theme, etc. This formal review will be as long as necessary, the length naturally varying for each manuscript (up to 12 pages, or more). This review will address all the necessary details that pertain to writing successful novel-length fiction, including but not limited to: scene architecture and composition, complications and dramatic rising action, suspenseful circumstance and setting elements, prose narrative style fixes, insertion of tension lines and foreshadowing.

  • During the second part of this phase, which consists of rewriting the manuscript based on the development notes, access to the first eight novel development course modules of the Algonkian Novel Writing Program will be provided as necessary to facilitate progress. This is optional, but we will recommend if we believe it productive.

  • The third phase of the editorial process entails a follow-up review of your revised and rewritten manuscript which is based on the developmental notes in the previous phase. This follow-up requires the writer to provide MTM with what is known as a "sell sheet" that addresses such matters as a new outline, opening hook, writing samples, comparables, title options, and more.

  • Finally, we will provide guidance not only with writing the actual query letter, but with helping you ID precisely the right mix of agents. If appropriate, and in consideration of the fact that as our client you are networked into the publishing business via our relationship, we will assist however we can by using our own business contacts to facilitate your success.

Fees and Particulars
       Our fee for all four editorial phases as noted above is $5089.00 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words, and $300.00 for every additional 10,000 words. It includes two editors working in tandem, and all other services as shown. Communications by email or phone are not extra. All is included and hours on the clock are not counted.

       Our fee for a first-phase foundation edit (maximum 60 days of editorial process and an indefinite number of email and phone consults) followed by a second-phase full developmental edit is $2900.00.

       Due to ethics rules for agents, representation by our particular agent faculty is not an option for clients. However, we will use our resources and network to assist you with finding an agent or publisher should that opportunity arise and all parties concerned are in agreement.

       Writers in the editorial program receive a 50% discount if they wish to attend the New York Pitch Conference to assist with the launching of their novel.

       Contact us at manuscriptstomarket @ with any questions you may have.

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