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       There are no great writers, only great rewriters. We write, or rewrite, your novel with you, hand in hand, our goal being to prepare it for submission to commercial agents and publishers.

Three-book deal in 2016 with St. Martins for new mystery series, Paula Munier as author.
Her last nonfiction book on craft, Writing With Quiet Hands, reviewed on Amazon - "Paula Munier's Writing with Quiet Hands is the real deal. Munier knows writing and publishing from all the angles and covers them in such a way as to teach, inspire, and encourage. If you want to learn, turn the pages and behold." - Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times best-selling author of Robert B. Parker's The Devil Wins.
To date in 2019, Paula has clocked over 120 official deals with major publishers as an agent for Talcott-Notch Literary Agency.
To date in 2019, Paula has signed eight authors from the New York Pitch Conference, and all have contracts with major publishers.

Literary agent, editor and author Paula Munier is one of the biggest new stars in New York publishing. Her energy is boundless, her network endless, and being a writer herself, as well as a congenial human being, her care and compassion for her writers is legendary. Paula possesses broad experience in a wide variety of genres, and in creating content in all formats across all markets for such media giants as Disney, Gannett, Greenspun Media Group, and Quayside. She began her career as a journalist, and along the way added editor, acquisitions specialist, publishing executive, and literary agent to her repertoire. She served as the Director of Innovation and Acquisitions for Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, where she headed up the acquisitions team responsible for creating and producing both fiction and nonfiction for print, eBook, eShort, and direct-to-eBook formats.

As a literary agent for Talcott Notch, her deals over the past two years span the genre spectrum. They include a nice six figures for THE REGISTRY by Shannon Stoker; SNIPER by Vaughn Hardacker, DYING FOR ATTENTION by James Shannon, THE BODY LANGUAGE OF LIARS by Dr. Lillian Glass, TREAT ME LIKE A DOG by Larry Kay, THE FISHERMAN by Vaughn Hardacker, DISINTEGRATION by Richard Thomas, DARK TURNS by Cate Hollahan, DEATH DEALER by Kate Flora, ORPHAN #8 by Kim van Alkemade, and HOT DOGS AND CROISSANTS by Natasha and Victorine Saulnier.

She is also the author or co-author of several books including HOT FLASH HAIKU, 365 WAYS TO MAKE AMERICA A BETTER PLACE, 101 THINGS YOU AND JOHN McCAIN DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT SARAH PALIN, ON BEING BLONDE, a YA suspense novel EMERALD'S DESIRE, and mainstream fiction novel FIXING FREDDIE. Paula also served four terms as President of the New England chapter of Mystery Writers of America as well as on the MWA board; and she's an active member of Sisters in Crime.

Her flagship book on fiction craft, PLOT PERFECT, is one of the most sought after technique manuals in the commercial fiction business.

"Paula is a true author advocate. Her unflagging faith in my work and in me as a writer helped me make my dream come true. It was Paula's savvy experience in publishing that led me to my first book deal."

    - Marie Miranda Cruz, Tor Books

"When I started working with Michael Neff, I had a draft of a manuscript but I was stuck. He helped me identify what wasn't working and offered practical guidance, as well as emotional support, as I worked through revisions. I ended up receiving multiple full requests and finally an offer of representation by a leading agency. Contacting him was the best thing I could have done for my writing career.

    - Renee C. Bauer, Bauer Law Group, LLC

"I am currently using the Manuscript to Market and under the tutelage of Michael Neff. One of the biggest helps he has been to me is to get me to "kill my darlings" and get on with making changes I need to make to get published. Each time he boldly asked me to think through making changes to my novel, I balked, and when I rewrote a chapter or two, or part of a scene, the book miraculously became a better book. He is a dream to work with, effective and worth every penny. Paula is a muse as well. She and Michael are a great tag team to help the author."

    - Writer's Block - Author Charles Darnell

"Michael Neff has been part of the industry that helps writers make their dreams come true instead of discouraging them. When I met him I knew nothing and he was one of the few people willing to open up about the world of publishing. His advice and his knowledge of writing and story helped me craft my first novel, and later, he helped me find an agent. I will always be indebted to him for his warmth and knowledge."

    - Author Ann W Garvin

"When I work with Paula Munier, I am blessed by the gift of three muses. Paula is an experienced editor, an energetic agent, and a talented writer who readily shares these skills with her clients. I know I can count on Paula to give me honest, constructive feedback with practical suggestions. She is nurturing, but also knows how to dish out a little tough love to a writer when needed. She has been a generous and accomplished mentor for me as a writer."

    - Author C. Michele Dorsey

"I met Michael at a novel workshop in Virginia, and beginning with that workshop, he turned my novel around, helped me invent a new one, and stuck with me over several rewrites and lots of anxiety until he landed an agent for me. I now have the career I've always dreamed of."

    - Author Wendy Eckel

"Hey Michael. Hope everything is going well and thanks for everything you did for my career."

    - Author Will Lavender

"Michael Neff has a remarkable breadth of knowledge about the writing craft. His pitching workshop taught me to distill my manuscript down to the core concept, which is essential to getting noticed in this competitive market. Thanks to his close attention, I was able to identify problems with my narrative and begin to shape my work-in-progress into a more compelling manuscript. Those early steps made a huge difference. The Edge of Normal became an award-winning novel and has been optioned for film."

    - Author Carla Norton

Michael Neff has contributed to the writing, development, and commercial publication of dozens of novels including those shown above, and many more that can be found here.

He is the founder and chief architect of Algonkian Writer Conferences including the famous and highly successful New York Pitch Conference, and the more sedate Algonkian Writer Retreat and Workshop.

Articles on fiction and novel craft including the Six Act Two-Goal Novel, Storyboarding Your Scene, Studies in Third Person POV, and more.

Interview with agent Andrea Hurst on the topics of agent work, films in the making, Algonkian methods, the problems with muddled pitches, adamant narcissists, and much more.

Development Executive for AEI Films and Books< (updated filmography at Wikipedia) which produces mainstream, HBO/Cinemax, and independent films, while also agenting best sellers.

Michael's greatest satisfaction stems from helping dedicated fiction writers become commercially published. He is an author, teacher, agent, literary entrepreneur, and development editor as well. As a DE for AEI, he is actively seeking high concept projects that can be transformed into films, television, or books. Agent deals and commercial novels involving him as a development editor over the past several years include ON MAGGIE'S WATCH by Ann Garvin, MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOW by Wendy Eckel, THE EDGE OF NORMAL by Carla Norton, THE BLACK PANTHERS by Gina Niccolo, DIE BACK by Richard Hacker, KARMA CITY by Gardner Browning, and WAR OF THE WORLD MAKERS by Reilly Michaels, among others.

Novels ushered to commercial publication via his Algonkian-method workshops include GRAVEMAIDENS by Kelly Coon, THE MANHATTAN PUZZLE by Laurence O'Bryan, THE WISDOM OF HAIR by Kim Boykin, ORPHAN 8 by Kim Van Alkemade, DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan, THE GOAT WOMAN OF LARGO BAY by Gillian Royes, and THE FICTION CLASS by Susan Breen, among dozens of others.

He is the founder and director of Algonkian Writer Conferences and its associated events. In his capacity as the director of the New York Pitch Conference he works with senior publishing house editors to locate and tap potential in budding new authors working in a variety of genres including upmarket literary and general fiction, serious and light women's fiction, narrative non-fiction, historical fiction, mystery, SF and fantasy.

Michael publishes and edits the literary journal Del Sol Review, and his own work has appeared in such literary journals as the North American Review, Quarterly West, Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Literary Review, American Way Magazine, and Conjunctions. He was one of the winners of the first Imitation William Faulkner Contest sponsored by the University of Mississippi, and has served as judge for various writing contests, including the Writer's Digest Finalist Prize for best short fiction.

He is a founder, contributing editor and content provider for Algonkian Author Salon and chief editor and founder of the online Algonkian Novel Writing Program, as well as founder and contributor to a popular writer blog known as The Writer's Edge that provides assistance to nascent authors.

Senior Editor Chelsey Emmelhainz joined Crooked Lane Books in 2017 by way of HarperCollins. Her list focuses on contemporary upmarket suspense, mystery, and crime fiction featuring elevated writing and compelling, high-concept conflicts with crossover potential. Chelsey is especially interested in culturally diverse voices (including Own Voices authors) and concepts involving coming-of-age, family dysfunction, and toxic friendships. She loves all things dark, gritty, and macabre and would love to see projects with a sophisticated supernatural, speculative, or horror twist. She is also looking for upmarket women's fiction with a mystery or suspense angle.

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